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AXL | Capital Management

We are a company with an agile and effective operating model that seeks the highest returns on investments, efficiently managing risks with a holistic view of the markets to increase cash flow and the value of firms.

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Gold, precious metals, and base metals, they are the leading minerals in our portfolio of work available to our investors. We evaluate, develop, and invest in small and medium mining projects with sustainable mining technologies with the environment, communities, and local governments.

We have the leadership and experience for the productive management of investment projects, and we provide the best advice when it comes to investing.


We take care of advising and optimizing company processes with a solid focus on operational excellence, financial strength, and effective capital allocations. We develop global macroeconomic analyzes and investment models in gold, precious metals, and base metals.

Our values


We work in ways that capture the collaborative efforts of everyone in AXL Capital Management Associates.

We make better decisions as teams than we make individually. For these reasons, we have the following business values:

1 - Integrity, trust, and respect.

2 - Work plan for success.

3 - Transparency and responsibility.

4 - High performance, focus, and sense of urgency.

We believe these values serve as important principles and expect all of our decisions and activities to demonstrate them.

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Efficient companies and data stock exchange, focused on obtaining the best results from small and medium mining.

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